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Explained for you step by step.

There are two different options.

In option 1, the husband is alive and the widow's pension service is concluded as a precautionary directive. This means that when the husband dies, the life partner receives the pension or pensions quickly and easily.

In option 2, the husband has already died. And we check and apply for the pension for the widow at the various offices in Switzerland. Since this option involves more effort in obtaining documents and finding the right pension fund, the costs are also higher with this option.

Option 1

Widow’s pension precautionary order

Step 1: Initial Contact

The client decides to hire us as pension brokers for his wife.

They contact us by phone or email to express their interest.

Step 2: Eligibility Check for a Pension

In a personal phone conversation via WhatsApp or Skype, we review the client's wife's information to determine whether she is entitled to a pension.

If no entitlement exists: We thank her and wish her all the best.

Step 3: Contract and Initial Invoice

If she is entitled to a widow's pension, we send a service contract for our work along with an invoice for an advance payment. The invoice includes a prepayment ranging from 300 to 900 CHF, depending on the scope of the services. The client's wife sends us the signed contract back, along with the payment receipt.

Once we receive the payment, we confirm this to the client's wife and proceed to Step 4.

Advance payment breakdown:

  • AHV / IV: 300 CHF

  • Pension fund: 600 CHF

  • Total: 900 CHF

Step 4: Document Verification

We send the client's wife a list of the required documents.

She collects all relevant documents from her marriage to her Swiss husband. This may include marriage certificates, divorce certificates (if applicable), birth certificates of children (if any), and other relevant documents. The client's wife sends these documents to us by mail or email. We carefully review all submitted documents to ensure we have all the necessary information. If anything is missing or unclear, we contact the client's wife to request further information or to clarify any uncertainties.

Step 5: Application for Pension Disbursement

We apply for the pension disbursement on behalf of the client's wife at the appropriate authorities in Switzerland. Communication with the Swiss authorities is conducted in German, and with the client's wife in her native language.

We continuously monitor the progress of the application and provide the client's wife with regular updates on all relevant developments. We ensure regular contact until the pension payment is successfully made to her local account.

Step 6: Final Invoice

Once the client's wife receives the first monthly pension from the Swiss state (AHV / IV) or from a private insurance, our work is completed.

A final invoice is then issued, amounting to 5% of the first pension received.

Option 2

Widow’s pension service

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